About Us

Ben Marnell has dedicated the last 15 years to understanding pain and the human body.


He is the principal therapist here at Mending Muscle and holds a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science, a diploma in Remedial Massage and is an accredited yoga instructor. He and the team at Mending Muscle treat patients across Wanguri, Casuarina, Leanyer, Tiwi, Wulagi and surrounding suburbs.


“Initially I became interested in the science of the human body to learn more about how I could perform to the best of my ability. This strong interest led me to study an Exercise and Sport Science degree. During this early period,  I managed to badly injure my back and felt my whole world and my feelings of indestructibility crumble. My attention now turned to how can I heal myself and learn to move freely again. Through my studies and being mentored by some of the leading myotherapists and exercise physiologists in Australia, I gradually learned the art and science of remedial massage. This not only helped me to get back my own freedom of movement, but also led to a passion to help others with pain and injury."


"When I am not working, my wife and I run a not-for profit organisation, Australian School of Meditation & Yoga Darwin, which focuses on teaching people how to live a balance life through yoga and meditation."

Mending Muscle Remedial Massage Therapy Darwin
Mending Muscle Remedial Massage Therapy Darwin